Initial Visit

Vestibular/ Concussion Rehabilitation

Carolina Concussion Raleigh Wake NC Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy VRT Concussion Rehabilitation

The initial visit consists of a thorough, one hour evaluation. This includes a detailed patient history and clinical/ diagnostic assessment of the patient's current neurologic functioning. 

Clinical evaluation and diagnostic studies are combined to accurately identify the areas of impairment causing the symptoms associated with concussion injuries and vestibular disorders.  

Findings will be reviewed with the patient and a customized treatment plan will be designed to improve impairments, resolve symptoms and return to pre-injury status. Patients are encouraged to ask questions and take an active part in their treatment.    

Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy

Carolina Concussion Raleigh NC Wake Forest Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Speech Language SLP VRT

Due to the individualized nature, an initial visit is typically 60-90 minutes.  The initial visit includes formal and informal assessments to identify any cognitive and/or language deficits and the resulting negative impact to the client’s functioning in daily life.  A comprehensive treatment plan will be established to address any impairments and support a return to pre-injury functional performance.