Dr. DeCriscio did an amazing job with my daughter, who had a concussion. She was tested thoroughly and he was able to narrow down the precise area of her injuray and tailor a specific rehabilitation program for her. As she improved, he modified the exercises, so were alwyas moving forward. His encouraging and supportive manner made her eager to do PT at home and she has made a full recovery. I recommend him highly to anyone who has had a concussion.

                                                                                    -Letitia H.

Cannot express in mere words how very grateful we are for Dr. DeCriscio and Janine. Under their care, my husband made miraculous progress in his recovery from a concussion in two months time after suffering from the effects for a month before we were referred to Carolina Concussion & Physical Medicine.                  

                                                                                    -Laura M.

Dr. DeCriscio has been an invaluable asset to the patient's that I have referred to him. His level of expertise is unsurpassed in this field of work. Even my health care professional patients who have been to other neurologists told me that he was clinically more thorough and had more effective results than the previous neurologist appointments with other providers.

                                                                                    -Dr. Kenneth Brown

Dr. DeCriscio was excellent. He took the time to thoroughly examine my son, explained what he was doing and gave me complete confidence in his approach.

                                                                                    -Michael S. 

"Dr. Michael has been my doctor since 2014. I started to see him for my neck and dizziness problems in Hagerstown, MD, and when I moved to Richmond, VA I did not stop to see him! I have seen other chiropractors and physical therapists in the past 4 years, but none of them have been as good as Dr. DeCriscio. Thanks to his work I have been able to go back to function again with my neck as well as my dizziness. Because of how excellent he has been, I have been traveling from Richmond, VA to Wake Forest, NC to see him almost every week since he opened his new practice there. I would give him a million stars if I could and recommend his work to the world!

                                                                                    -Alessandro F. 

"So very grateful for Dr. DeCriscio at Carolina Concussion and Physical Medicine. My daughter sustained her second concussion of the year at the end of August. When she had her first concussion, we just went to a place that the ER recommended. They basically just did testing, gave us a few recommendations and wrote some notes for school. When she got her second concussion, it was a little more serious. I had heard of Dr. DeCriscio from a friend whose daughter had a concussion earlier in the year. We decided to give him a visit as per the recommendation and convenient location. He was wonderful! Very thorough with testing and gave her special and individualized exercises to actually rehab her symptoms. He has also helped us with decreasing the amount and severity of her headaches. She has made amazing progress and was so happy to get back on the ice (she is a figure skater). Dr. DeCriscio was a big part of her returning to the ice safely and ready. Thank you!

                                                                                     -Deborah S.

"I called Dr. D because he came up as the only in-network chiropractor in our area. We hit gold. Five-stars isn't enough. He's the complete package when it comes to physical medicine. Highly recommend him. 

He has helped my daughter where the physical therapist was unable to help anymore. He was able to find the true source of her chronic pain and even has helped resolve her chronic and debilitating migraines. He's also addressed an issue I have, and for the first time in years after just a couple of visits, I am not in constant discomfort. Can't recommend Dr. D enough!

                                                                                    -Wendy F.

"I found Dr. DeCriscio through a referral after I was injured in two car accidents back-to-back last year and I am so glad that I found him in Wake Forest! He is personable, knowledgeable, and listens closely to your situation and symptoms to provide the best diagnosis. My neck pain is instantly alleviated when I see him for adjustments and I feel like his adjustments last longer than other chiropractors I have seen in the past because he takes his time with the muscle component as well. I also appreciate that he incorporates both practical and natural advice to his medical approach with his patients. He is truly a great medical provider and I recommend him to anyone seeking chiropractic care!"

                                                                                  -Natalie M.

"After having a horrible experience with another medical office that was treating my daughter for a concussion, I contacted Carolina Concussion & Physical Medicine and spoke with Dr. DeCriscio. He listened to my concerns and opened his availability to see her the following day!! We were beyond ecstatic with the progress she made under his care after each and every visit, and she has now made a full recovery! I can't thank Dr. DeCriscio and his partner Janine enough for their professionalism, continuous communication and most importantly for helping our daughter make a full recovery!! I would highly recommend this office!"

                                                                                 -Scott R.